Lagrima y empanada / Tango y un cafe

Iced Café de Olla


You will need a manual pour over, like a Chemex, Hario, Kalita or another pour over brewer of choice. Try to get as close to the measurements as possible, or experiment on your own until you get your desired taste.



  • Panela/Piloncillo simple syrup: Boil equal parts water and panela by weight, along with a stick of cinnamon. For our recipe we use about 50-60 grams.


  • Your favorite Abanico Coffee selection


  • Ice 


  • Water between 195-205 Fahrenheit



  1. Grind 30 grams of coffee specific to your brewer. 

  2. Pour 200 grams of ice into the carafe you will brew directly into.

  3. Pour your ground coffee into your filter and ready on your pour over. You will be pouring over directly on to your carafe filled with ice.

  4. Add about 50 to 60 grams of the Café De Olla simple syrup directly on to the grounds.

  5. Add 250 to 240 grams of water at 195-205F and brew your pour over.


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